Suicide and the Longing For Transformation

“There is but one truly important philosophical question: the question of suicide. The moment upon which one decides whether life is worth living, you answer the fundamental question of philosophy.” Albert Camu

Given all the mass murders, killings by cops, racially motivated violence, and death, it may surprise one to…

How Empathy And Healthy Guilt May Help

Jeremy sits on the bench, waiting for his mother to arrive, his head bowed, his feet shuffling back and forth, unable to find a comfortable resting place. He’s accused of impulsively smacking a little girl in his preschool class after she pushed him. Now he’s in big trouble.

That’s how…

How To Reconcile Being a Descendant of a Founding Father And Slave Owner

“I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.” Thomas Jefferson

A friend of mine recently asked me (during the Black Lives Matter protests) whether a painting on her wall appeared “racist.” It depicted several Black women on a dusty road, women who she now…

How to Know What Your Type is

Susan complains that she and her husband, Jack, don’t communicate. He says he communicates just fine; she just doesn’t listen. She feels frustrated. He feels unheard. Maybe therapy can help.

Included in most therapist’s toolbox are exercises to improve communication, like active listening, reflecting back, or making “I statements” such…

Christi Taylor-Jones

I am a licensed MFT, Certified Jungian Analyst and published author and writer. I am interested in anything that affects humanity

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