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  • Joan O'Donnell

    Joan O'Donnell

    Doctoral researcher, lecturer, living and learning in systems. Advanced Social Presencing Practitioner, Editor: https://medium.com/living-in-systems

  • Sherry Gordon

    Sherry Gordon

  • Janie Ingalls

    Janie Ingalls

  • Cumhur M

    Cumhur M

    Zealous optimist, unapologetically curious, trend enthusiast. Almost 50.

  • Dan J

    Dan J

    33 year old writer/artist. I write poetry and i have written 3 books. One of them is on sale on Amazon and is about leadership. I also create beautiful artwork.

  • Neil Harvey

    Neil Harvey

    Graphic Designer

  • felicia ~ outofthetrap.com

    felicia ~ outofthetrap.com

    a monthly(ish) collection of musings on the cosmos, depth psychology, dreams, patterns, music, art, creation & cognitive roadmapping ~ outofthetrap.com

  • LuAnn Pierce

    LuAnn Pierce

    Social work is my superpower! I use the skills of social justice and activism to right the wrongs in the world for one special needs cat (and human) at a time.

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